52% of Shandong tire companies resume work

52% of Shandong tire companies resume work

Issue Time:2020-02-26
According to statistics, as of February 18, after the impact of the epidemic, the resumption rate of tire enterprises in Shandong Province reached 52%.

Of the 251 tire companies counted, 131 have been started. Another 10 companies will resume production in the near future.

Among them, Qingdao, Dongying and Weifang, where tire companies are gathered, have resumed work rates of 54%, 42%, and 58%, respectively.

Tyre World.com found through reorganization that only three tire companies in 15 cities in Shandong Province failed to reach 50%.

They are Dongying City, Tai'an City, and Rizhao City. The resumption rates of the latter two cities are 36% and 40%.

Jinan City, Jining City, and Weihai City, which have fewer tire companies, have 100% resumption rates.

According to reports, some tire companies encountered some difficulties in the process of resuming work and restoring projects.

Including employees can not return to work in time, shortage of raw materials and protective materials, logistics and transportation can not keep up, shortage of funds, etc.